Top30 prepares for the IFSC World Championship in September by organizing the Spanish Championship at Gijon 07/10/14

Top30 (Entre-Prises subsidiary in Spain) and FEDME organized the Spanish Championship end of June in Gijon. A great and promising warm-up for the IFSC World Championships in September! READ MORE

A stunning new Clip ‘n Climb Centre opened at Bournemouth’s Pier! 07/09/14

Entre-Prises UK has just completed a new Clip 'n Climb centre in the pier of Bournemouth. READ MORE

Entre-Prises is committed to reinforcing safety standards in climbing walls 07/07/14

In 2007, Entre-Prises developed and patented an innovative safety solution for holds: the Explosion Proof System, EPS™. This revolutionary new technology greatly reduces the possibility that a broken piece of handhold will fall and strike someone. Built into the hold, this patented device minimized breakage without sacrificing the strength of the hold itself.  EPS is unquestionably one of the most considerable innovations in terms of safety in the climbing walls industry. READ MORE