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  • Sport climbing in india

    Sport climbing in India

    In 2020, India officially completed 25 years of Sport Climbing championships in the country. A handful of climbers started as a small but bold effort. It was more than two decades ago. Now, it has grown into a strong community of dedicated climbers. They are winning medals and accolades at several international championships. Enjoy, and […]

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  • climbing paris 2024


    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board today officially confirmed that Sport Climbing has been included in the sports program of the Olympic Games Paris 2024. The decision marks a high watermark in the history of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), following on from the sport’s inclusion at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos […]

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  • The Farm bouldering Gym

    The Farm bouldering Gym in Lucca, Italy

    We are happy to have participated in the birth of a new climbing gym in Italy. Indeed, The Farm Bouldering Gym recently opened its doors in the region of Lucca, and we had the pleasure of working together. We designed and built the walls. The hall has a children’s area and an area open to […]

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  • ufo & orb


    EP Holds is pleased to reveal its new range of positive-textured fiberglass macros.     6 macros for surprising route-setting! Used all together or separately, these positive-textured macros can be used for different levels of climbing. Use them to force placements, add extra moves, or steer directions. These 6 macros will give you infinite gripping possibilities […]

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  • The Life of a Routesetter

    Indoor climbing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and at its heart is the routesetter; a person whose job is to arrange holds onto the wall to create challenges for climbers. Whilst it appears a simple job, the routesetter is part architect, part designer and part choreographer who has to draw upon […]

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    A few days ago, the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic Games announced the event line-up for each session of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Meanwhile, the first contracts have been signed with the manufacturers to complete the venue, especially the climbing wall. An Olympic wall for Olympic Dream For this unprecedented event, many companies […]

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  • Jeux Olympiques Murs 2018

    Discover the official climbing walls of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games

    The ENTRE-PRISES teams have now finished the installation of the various structures for the climbing contests. So, on D-11 of the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Argentina (Buenos Aires), discover the first images! For the first time in history, sport climbing is integrated into the Youth Olympic Games as an additional sport. The […]

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