VALO CLIMB (Augmented Climbing Wall)


Jump into the digital age.

Valo Climb is the world’s first interactive game platform for climbing walls. This active play technology invites anyone, from the youngest kids to hard training adults, to a have an amazing time (and get a great physical exercise at the same time!). The patent pending system is ideal for family entertainment centers, fitness & climbing gyms, indoor playgrounds, shopping malls and so many others.

A fun and connected new way to climb !

The Games

It comes with 5 thrilling games that provide huge impact on players and with a cloud platform that makes it fully automatic. A new game is released every year.

  • Augmented Problems : Route creation, sharing and climbing with video feedback.
  • Whack-a-bat : Both a game and all-round bat splatting fun.
  • Sparks : A selection of intriguing mazes with static and moving levels.
  • Climball : An engaging two-player ball game.
  • Astromania : Takes you to the depths of space on a mission to defend your home, planet earth, from blazing fireballs.


The connectivity also enables remote maintenance and updates. This ensures that all systems will receive new content and games quickly.

Furthermore, it allows for customized games and applications to be created and installed on demand.




  • Valo Climb System


  • Standard Climbing Wall specially designed for game projection

Augmented Climbing Standard Wall


  • On-site installation option


  • On-site maintenance option


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