Competition & Speed Walls

Buenos Aires 2018 Climbing


Competition and speed walls are specifically tailored to the requirements of competition climbing, at any climbing standard (regional, national or international) and for each of the three disciplines: Lead, Bouldering and Speed.

ENTRE-PRISES has always been heavily involved in competition climbing, and is the official supplier of climbing walls for the International Federation for Sport Climbing (IFSC), and a partner to many national federations (Climb Britain, USA Climbing, FEDME, and others). We have gained solid experience and genuine expertise both as a supplier of structures (2020 Tokio Olympic Games, 2018 Youth Olympic Games, 2016,2017,2018, 2019 IFSC World Cup in Villars, 2014 IFSC World Championships in Gijón, 2012 IFSC World Championships in Bercy, Natural Games, Deep Water Solo in La Rochelle and Exeter) and as an organiser (organising Spanish national competitions).

ENTRE-PRISES is IFSC certified for the manufacture of Speed Walls.

Climber profile

  • Age: Youth to Adult
  • Discipline: Competition
  • Standard: Expert to Elite



  • Wall design offering a high degree of flexibility for route setting and use of macros.
  • Mozaik 3D curves for both creativity in the wall and flexibility in route setting
  • Varied profile (vertical, overhang, roof, etc.) to test various skills in competitors and enhance interest for climbers
  • Be aware of graspable angle changes that could create artificial holds – opt for closed edges where possible
  • For temporary structures, a design that enables fast, optimised installation and take-down
  • Accessibility for climbers with disabilities and reduced mobility



  • Special colours to create imaginative designs and boost visual impact
  • Printed or textured logo to showcase the event and any sponsors
  • Closed edges for clean lines and a modern look, and to minimise graspable angle changes
  • Additional inserts to increase options for route setting

Holds and accessories:

  • Wood and polyester Macros to vary routes and meet requirements for competition route setting.
  • Bolt-on Holds to “fill in” routes or boulders.
  • Polyurethane is the preferred material for holds that are attached and removed frequently.
  • Timing: ENTRE-PRISES offers two timing systems. A simple manual system to be used on a single line, and a second IFSC-approved system for timing two lines simultaneously.


  • Route setting : for competition setting by a professional athlete, or a national or international route setter, contact our service department. Contact our service department.
  • Annual maintenance recommended by NF and FIFAS standards. With more than 30 years’ experience in building ACS, ENTRE-PRISES is THE maintenance specialist.
  • PPE inspections : to be carried out annually. This service is often coupled with annual maintenance.

Standard product

IFSC-certified Speed Wall

  • Speed Wall certified by the Speed world records organisation
  • 2 heights available:
    • 10.5m – 2 corridors of 3m – 63m² – 24 handholds and 16 footholds
    • 15m – 2 corridors of 3m – 93m² – 40 handholds and 22 footholds
  • MozaiK structure – IFSC standard grey colour
  • IFSC-certified belay system

For world records, the use of timing systems and holds is mandatory


World Cup Boulders

  • Specially designed for bouldering competitions – Developed for the 2012 IFSC World Championships in Bercy
  • 8 interchangeable faces
    • 6 geometric faces (MozaiK)
    • 2 3D curved faces (Lightwave New Generation)
  • 3 configurations
    • Entire free-standing boulder (4 faces)
    • Entire free-standing boulder (2 faces)
    • Fixed to a vertical support: one or more faces with infill panels
  • Custom colours
  • Compatible with IFSC standards for competition boulders
Villars, Switzerland


Temporary Competition Wall

  • Specially designed structure for temporary competitions – easy to store (one 40-foot container)
  • Unique modular structure in 2 configurations, can be adapted to all types of event (lead, deep water solo or bouldering competitions)
    • Lead/Deep Water Solo: 6m x 12.5m – Overhang: 6m
    • Bouldering: 2 Sizes: 6m or 12m x 4.5 m – Overhang: 1.3m
  • MozaiK structure
  • Custom colours

Examples of completed projects: