Meet ENTRE-PRISES at the OutDoor Show 2017!

Meet ENTRE-PRISES at the OutDoor Show 2017!

Meet ENTRE-PRISES at the OutDoor Show 2017!

ENTRE-PRISES at the OutDoor Show, Friedrichshafen from 18th to the 21st June, 2017.


2017 has been rich in innovations for ENTRE-PRISES‘ R&D teams and the OutDoor Show is the perfect occasion to introduce our latest products. At booth B3-216 in Hall 3, you will be able to discover, amongst other things:

Clip 'n Climb's Outdoor Challenges

Outdoor Challenges

Clip’ n Climb‘s latest innovations in fun climbing: Wishing to develop further Clip ‘n Climb‘s customer experience, the brand is about to enlarge its range of Challenges! There, you will be able to find out more about the Outdoor Challenges, the set of iconic Challenges revisited for the outdoors! We will also introduce for the very first time the Climbing Traverse, a belay free wall to which speed timers can be added for an extra competitive thrill ; as well as the Quick Jump Tower, of the HeadRush range, a crazy combination of aerial games!


Monkey Space-©-Alexandre-Autexier

Monkey Space

Monkey Space, the 3D and 100% modular structure launched at the beginning of the year. Aimed at all climbers, to train at any pace, regardless of level, Monkey Space is the opportunity to enrich and develop climbers within your facility! Many professional climbers, Hugo Meignan and Edu Marin included, have had the chance to train on Monkey Space and are providing specific trainings to better your moves.



ENTRE-PRISES‘ team is expecting you this year as well at the OutDoor Show, sharing our growing success year on year. ‘With 965 exhibitors, a record, coming from 40 countries, the OutDoor Show is once again the ‘ideal orientation platform for this season’ according to Klaus Wellmann, the event manager.

For more information, contact us: courrier@entre-prises.com