Deep Water Solo Exeter 2014

  • Deep Water Solo Exeter 2014

Deep Water Solo Exeter 2014

An Entre-Prises solution

The Entre-Prises designers ensured maximum visibility by developing a structure that could be installed on a floating pontoon. The wall was positioned facing the quay to give spectators the best possible view of the show. Pour le mur, nous avons utilisé notre surface MozaiK We used our MozaiK surface for the wall, enabling the route setters to use a large number of volumes and macros to deliver the highest level of challenge for competitors.

The event was a huge success. More than 1,000 people attended the event throughout the weekend, most of them curious to see climbing for the first time.

The next events have already been planned!

LocationExeter, United KingdomClimbable area85m²
DateAugust 2014 Height7m
Wall typeCompetition wall Width12.6m


TechnologyMozaiK Max. overhang
ConfigurationDeep Water Solo


Number of lines
Climber profileExpert to Elite


OptionsSpecial colours