Le Prado Boulder, Marseille

  • Le Prado Boulder, Marseille

Le Prado Boulder, Marseille

An Entre-Prises solution

Afin d’obtenir une parfaite imitation des calanques, nous avons opté pour la technologieFreeform To replicate the Marseille calanques perfectly, we used Freeform technology, enabling us to recreate the rock shapes and especially the shapes of the holds formed by the limestone. When it came to finishing the boulders, one of our painting and finishing specialists explored the calanques to draw inspiration from the area, resulting in a highly realistic reproduction of the colours and textures.

LocationMarseilleClimbable area50 m²
DateNovember 2012 Height3m (maximum)
Wall typePark and Playground Boulder and Tower Width


TechnologyFreeform Max. overhang1 m (maximum)


Number of lines
Climber profileAll types of climbers