The Roof climbing facility, la Rochelle

The Roof climbing facility, la Rochelle

An Entre-Prises solution

Apart from the quality of our products, our proximity and responsiveness were significant factors in winning this contract. By talking to our customer we were able to perfectly pinpoint their requirements and propose simple shapes with large faces to accommodate as many macros as possible. This would provide perfect modularity and inspire the route setters’ creativity. The team at “The Roof” also wanted panels with smooth surfaces and closed edges for setting precise problems with no options for bending the rules. That’s everything you would expect in a bouldering gym! All those involved in creating The Roof are to be congratulated on its outstanding success.

Location La Rochelle Climbable area 600m²
Date November 2013 Height 4.50m
Wall type Climbing facility Width 90 m
Technology MosaïK Max. overhang 4m
Configuration Bouldering gym

Number of lines
Climber profile All types of climbers
Options Closed Edges, Smooth Surfaces, Special Colours