What’s UP Lesquin

What’s UP Lesquin

An Entre-Prises solution

The whole Entre-Prises France team was involved in bringing this magnificent project to fruition. The designers worked directly with the What’s Up team to ensure they met the expectations of the users of their climbing facilities as closely as possible. We ended up with an ideal balance between vertical areas, gentle overhangs and more markedly overhanging profiles.

The project’s success is best illustrated by its warm reception from the climbers, and the smiles on the faces of the What’s Up team.

Location Lesquin (59) Climbable area 1,300m²
Date May 2015 Height Between 12 and 15m
Wall type Climbing facility Width 90m
Technology Mosaïk and Freeform Max. overhang 8m
Configuration Roped wall Number of lines 69
Climber profile All types of climbers Options Special colours