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training Monkey Space

Monkey Space is a new and innovative, highly modular structure aimed at developing users’ technical and physical abilities. With infinite challenge customization possibilities, this playful training tool easily fits into the climbing gyms, fitness or leisure facilities that wish to enrich their clients’ experience.

A selection of accessories for both walls and ceiling, allows users to create exercises and challenges inside and outside Monkey Space. A locking system is also in place to guarantee safety for all users.


Original and evolutive training!

Modularity, adaptability, user-friendliness, playfulness, constant evolution… and safety are the key ingredients for this original and unique concept.

Monkey Space stimulates the climber’s imagination: he or she can work on coordination, explosivity, strength, cladding and speed while inventing moves! Exercises for all levels can be assembled and proposed quickly, allowing a social character that brings fun to exercising.

Available in 4 initial sizes, Monkey Space can accomodate several people at the time:

  • Marmoset (9 m2)
  • Baboon (18 m2)
  • Orang-Utan (27 m2)
  • Gorilla (36 m2)

And satisfy all types of users:

  • Climbing/Bouldering gyms
  • Fitness clubs
  • Gym clubs
  • Schools
  • Multi-activity facilities


For more information, visit the dedicated website.

Monkey Space training