Absolute Moons XXL


These 3 giant moons are really good jugs that offer endless setting possiblities : dynos, heel hooks, mantling.. They can be fixed either with bolts or woodscrews only to perfectly adjust their position.

Quantity: 3

Recommended fixings: 2 FHC / CHC 10*140 + 1 FHC / CHC 10*160 or 16 woodscrews 5*40

Delivery in France within 10 working days subject to stock. European delivery within 15 working days subject to stock.

Weight: 8.5  Kg

Fluo GreenFluo GreenFluo GreenFluo OrangeFluo OrangeFluo OrangeGrønnGrønnGrønnLillaLillaLillaPink FluoPink FluoPink FluoRødRødRødSvartSvartSvart


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