Absolute Organic Feet S


These holds seem to have grown from the earth ! They can be used as hand holds on slab or vertical, or as good footholds on steeper walls. Simply use a bolt to set them and have fun !

Quantity: 10

Recommended fixings: 2 FHC / CHC 10*35 + 8 FHC / CHC 10*50

Delivery in France within 10 working days subject to stock. European delivery within 15 working days subject to stock.

Weight: 1.1  Kg

BlåBlåBlåFluo GreenFluo GreenFluo GreenFluo OrangeFluo OrangeFluo OrangeGrønnGrønnGrønnGulGulGulLillaLillaLillaPink FluoPink FluoPink FluoSvartSvartSvart


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