Commrow Whitney Peak Hotel, United States

Commrow Whitney Peak Hotel, United States

 An Entre-Prises solution

The final design, called the “double barrel”, offers climbers a new concept in urban climbing: multi-pitch climbing for cities. The structure consists of two major routes of two different lengths, providing 50 metres of climbing above the city centre’s crowded streets.

We also installed a 15m official speed wall, and routes for children. To make sure the equipment would stand the test of time throughout the year, we used technology suitable for outdoor use: MozaiK XP

Location Reno, United States Climbable area 475m²
Date October 2011 Height 50m
Wall type Park and Playground Boulder and Tower Width 26.8m


Technology MozaiK XP Max. overhang 1m
Configuration Roped walls


Number of lines 19
Climber profile Beginner, Intermediate, Expert


Options 15m official speed wall