Rocspot climbing facility, Lausanne

Rocspot climbing facility, Lausanne

An Entre-Prises solution

The whole Entre-Prises France team set to work on this ambitious project. The designers worked directly with Grimper.ch to define the required angles and degrees of difficulty as accurately as possible. We opted for one mostly vertical section with a slight overhang, and another with progressively harder overhangs, including an expert one at a 45° angle!

A central boulder and outdoor section were added so that the climbers can practise all the different disciplines to their hearts’ content.

The facility’s instant success even before its official opening speaks for itself, and says more than words ever could.

Location Lausanne Climbable area 2,500m²
Date December 2014 Height 12.4 m
Wall type Climbing facility Width 168m
Technology MosaïK and Freeform Max. overhang 11 m
Configuration Roped wall and boulders Number of lines 150
Climber profile All types of climbers Options Sculptured Graphics, Special Colours and Premium Anchor Point