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Say hello to Prima

Attract more visitors and improve your offer with Prima. It is the latest concept from our fun climbing collection.

A simple climb to offer more

At Clip ’n Climb, we understand that all companies are different and, if possible, want to increase capacity to accommodate more customers. We introduced Prima to fill this void. This will allow more customers to try our new approach to the world of traditional rock climbing.

Prima offers a new option for existing multi-activity centers or climbing gyms looking to add new functionality. You can easily complete your installation with these trendy walls. The Prima range promises a captivating but safe climbing experience for the youngest. This is a great opportunity for you to organize birthday parties and group events!

Ideal for small centers looking to maximize space, these compact challenges will help you get the most out of tight areas and are always the key to customer satisfaction.

Prima Lyon

Lyon Confluence

Prima Lyon

The advantages of Prima

  • A more fun and engaging experience for young audiences
  • A safer experience
  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Ideal for groups of children, birthdays …


  • The new Prima range allows customers to mix and match from nine combinations and five unique geometric designs to complement existing surroundings.
  • A modernized and thinner design (1.2 meters), compared to the more classic range of Clip ‘n Climb challenges, makes it even easier to install for smaller and compact spaces.
  • Prima is easy to clean and includes articulated mats, access ropes, Trublue self-belay devices, an optional exit / top wall button and is fully compliant with standard US and EN practices for climbing walls.

The Clip ‘n Climb theme park proposal offers anyone over the age of four the opportunity to participate in fun and interactive climbing challenges, whatever their experience or skill level.

Our full range of products cultivates a Sportainment theme. It is a term coined to merge sport with entertainment. The range includes climbing challenges, Head Rush and BelayMate automatic belay devices, trampolines, ninja courses and interactive climbing walls.

To learn more about our new Prima range and all of our Clip ‘n Climb challenges, contact our sales team today.