South Cheshire College, United Kingdom

South Cheshire College, United Kingdom

An Entre-Prises solution

Entre-Prises proposed a design created in our MozaiK climbing wall technology.MozaiK. This system provides multi-faceted designs that are just as suitable for beginners as for intermediate and top-level climbers. For South Cheshire College, we opted for large vertical surfaces and moderate shaping.

Additional options included:

  • Mats that fold up against the climbing wall to close off the climbing area when the gym is being used for other activities.
  • A dedicated area for instructors at the top of the wall, for working with students at height. This provides better control of the training sessions.
Location Cheshire, United Kingdom Climbable area 143 m²
Date Height 9.5 m
Wall type Schools and universities Width
Technology MozaiK Max. overhang 1 m
Configuration Roped wallroute markers
Number of lines 11
Climber profile Beginner to Intermediate Options Fold-up mats