Wiltshire, England

  • Wiltshire, England
  • Wiltshire, England

Wiltshire, England

An Entre-Prises solution

Entre-Prises took into account every type of injury and adaptive climbing technique. We spoke to the programme directors to gain an understanding of all the different climbing zones they required. As we decided to use our Lightwave Rock Effect technology, which allows customisable shaping:

  • lab area for climbers with little or no freedom of movement in their arms or legs.
  • A vertical space for balance movements.
  • An abseiling and top-roping area for building confidence with the equipment and with working in teams.
  • A bouldering area for traversing and building strength.
LocationWiltshire, EnglandClimbable area138 m²
DateJanuary 2011 Height6 m
Wall typeMilitary walls Width
TechnologyLightwave Rock EffectMax. overhang1 m
ConfigurationRoped wall and boulderNumber of lines12
Climber profileBeginner, intermediate, advancedOptionsFreeform flake