Training in level 1 & 2 inspections and maintenance.

Standard NF EN 12572 requires the equipment and components of an artificial climbing structure (ACS) to undergo three levels of inspection: a routine visual inspection (level 1), an operational inspection (level 2), and a main annual inspection (level 3).

Only the level 3 main annual inspection has to be carried out by a professional. The level 1 & 2 inspections are the responsibility of the owner of the structure.

The guide to inspections and maintenance for ACS published by FIFAS and the French climbing federation FFME in October 2007 lists all points to be inspected and verified for each level of maintenance. During these inspections, you will be required to check the following elements:

  • The climbable surface (panels, holds, etc.)
  • Belaying components (links, quickdraws, individual top-rope points, etc.)
  • The area around the structure (landing areas, etc.)
  • Landing surfaces (matting, etc.)

ENTRE-PRISES offers training in level 1 & 2 maintenance for those working with your structure (the ACS manager, technicians, gym supervisor, club manager, etc.). The aim of the training is to provide independence by teaching you what you need to know to carry out an effective inspection.

Level 1: a routine visual inspection to identify any obvious risks resulting from vandalism, general use or weather conditions.

Level 2: an operational inspection, much more extensive, carried out at 1-3 month intervals or at the frequency indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions, with the aim of checking the operation and stability of the equipment, and in particular to detect any signs of wear.

On completion of training, which is carried out on your site by an Entre-Prises specialist, you will be given a check-list to help you to ensure that your ACS is maintained correctly.

This will enable you to maintain your ACS in the best possible conditions for use, and to prevent it from deteriorating through simple actions with particular attention to the various wear points.

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